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About Us

Welcome to KLR Licensed Interior Design Inc. an interior design firm established in 2005.  We are licensed with the Alberta Association of Architects, Registered with IDIBC (Interior Design Institute of BC) and IDC (Interior Designers of Canada).   

We focus on responsible design, creating dynamic environments that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability, we redefine the concept of workspace, healthcare and living to meet the evolving needs of the modern world.


At KLR Design Group we specialize in workplace design, where the traditional office setting intersects with remote work solutions. Our approach is centered around fostering collaboration, enhancing productivity, and promoting employee well-being, whether they're working in-office, remotely, or a combination of both.

Drawing on our expertise in interior design and workplace strategy, we collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique organizational culture, generational challenges, operational requirements, and employee preferences. From flexible layouts and agile furniture solutions to integrated technology and biophilic elements, we craft tailored designs that inspire creativity, innovation, and connectivity.

Our holistic approach to workplace design extends beyond the physical environment to encompass policies, protocols, and communication strategies that support a seamless transition between in-person and remote work modes. By creating inclusive and adaptable spaces, we empower organizations to thrive in an ever-changing work landscape while attracting and retaining top talent and enhance your brand.


At KLR Design Group, visionary design meets practical innovation in the realm of multi-residential developments. As a leading interior design firm, we specialize in crafting inspiring living spaces that redefine modern living. Our comprehensive scope of work encompasses every aspect of the design process, from conceptualization to execution.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we collaborate closely with developers, builders, architects and engineers and all stakeholders to bring visions to life. From luxury condominiums to upscale apartment complexes, we have had the pleasure to work with a  diverse range of projects supporting today's discerning residents.

At KLR Design Group we take pride in designing from the inside out.  We collaborate with select consultants, and bring together the strongest team suited for your project.  We respect functionality, sustainability, and most importantly your budget.  Ensuring that each space we create is not only aesthetically stunning, also highly livable, environmentally conscious as well as budget conscious. From space planning, code review, and interior layouts, construction drawings & details, to material selection, finishes, and presentations, we approach every project with a holistic perspective, striving to exceed expectations at every turn.

Discover how we can elevate your next multi-residential development project with our unparalleled expertise and passion for design excellence.  We help sell homes!

KLR Licensed Interior Design was established in 2005 and is a member of Alberta Association of Architects.

Our design solutions start with listening.

We are truly passionate about creating the best functional and creative design solution for each client.

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